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8-13 June 2019

The World Rafting Federation cordially invites you to attend the Senior World Championships hosted by the Turkish Rafting Federation.

Tanımakla başlar her şeyEverything starts with embracing all







WHEN     8-13, June, 2018
WHERE     Tunceli (Turkey)
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The Turkish Rafting Federation and Tunceli Provence are building the semi-artificial whitewater stadium for the Worlds: the venue will be composed by two different courses: one for the training and the warm up, one for the official competitions.





Deep in the rugged heart of eastern Anatolia, the Munzur River flows from the base of a skyscraping limestone massif, wending its way into the world across a grassy valley cradled between dog-toothed peaks and forested hills.

(Michael Benanav on the New York Times)

The 3rd level river Munzur will be in flood, offering not only an amazing natural scenario that is now covered in snow but also a new artificial channel for RX and slalom that will be on 11th and 12th June, after the traditional downriver on 10th, the day after the opening cerimony.



Ovacik’s center is two blocks long by three blocks wide and is small enough that, after a few days, almost every face greets you with a smile of happy recognition. Shops display their wares along the sidewalks; you can buy pitchfork tines, scythe blades and wood-fueled water heaters as easily as fruits and vegetables. Men, and sometimes women, sit beneath teahouse awnings, playing cards or Okey (Turkish rummy).

(Michael Benanav on the New York Times)

Known as "Dersim" in the old times, Tunceli has followed a similar historical evolution as other cities of Eastern Anatolia. Beginning with the Urartians, it changed hands among Persians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans, and today it is a modern province with remains from these periods.

Alevi men and women worship together, preach tolerance for all religions and don’t seek converts. They  value instead an inner spiritual development, which is mainly practiced by treating people with kindness and generosity, rather than through ritual.

(Michael Benanav on the New York Times)



Dear World River – Rafting Family,

The WRF alongside Tunceli Local Government and my team and I, are all working so hard to create an amazing event for you. We are putting lots of effort, dedication and planning into this event so we can welcome you all with warmth and affection to beautiful Tunceli and deliver an event to remember.

We want to take this opportunity, to share some initial information with you about arrangements. Most importantly I want to formally issue an invitation to all our rafting colleagues and teams. Tunceli City is proud to be hosting the WRF World Championships from 8/13 June 2019. Join us, for what promises to be a world class, fun, challenging and wonderful event.

When you arrive in Tunceli you will find yourself among very warm and welcoming people. Tunceli has a very ancient history with a very colourful culture. The River Munzur is a symbol of the city and its culture. Tunceli City is a gift brought to life out of the River Munzur.

So Let us paddle like a crazy on the River Munzur and Race together in sportsmanship and friendship. Let's join together and have this unique experience in Tunceli. There are lots of things that rafting will give to this city and lots of things we will receive from Tunceli. So once more, I warmly invite you all, to be part of this great event.

Please, do not worry about any financial issues. As long as you are able to get your teams to Tunceli. If you are travelling by bus or car we will be there to meet you in Tunceli. If you are flying to either Erzincan Airport (code ERC) which is 137 km from Tunceli province or alternatively Elazig Airport (code EZS) which is 93 km away, we will meet you there and transport you as our guests to Tunceli.

Then my dear friends let us handle the rest. You and your teams are going to stay in comfortable places with wonderful Tunceli local hospitality. There will be no charges for food and beverages andno charges for accommodation You don’t have to pay anything at all, these things will happily becovered by your hosts.

In addition there for you food and accommodation be covered by the Organising Committee.

We are warmly and proudly welcome you all to Turkey and to Tunceli. We are so excited to see your Nations and your Nations Flags in Tunceli.

Thank you all very much for your attention.

Mr. Tuncay SONEL
Republic of Turkey
Governor of Tunceli Province

President of Turkish Rafting Federation Vice - President of WRF



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