World Rafting Federation signs a new membership with The Association For International Sport for All.

The origins of TAFISA date back to the 1960s, with the semi regular gathering of international but individual personalities and leaders interested and working in the field of Sport for All, under the title 'Trim and Fitness'. At the time, Sport for All was a little known concept.

Nowadays TAFISA has over 360 members from more than 170 countries on all continents and “We are happy to become one of them." declared WRF President Barmaz. "We aim to achieve an active world, promoting sport for all, and that’s what TAFISA does everyday around the world.”





In 1991, TAFISA (then the Trim And Fitness International Sport for All Association), was officially formed in Bordeaux, France and its statutes registered with the law courts of Frankfurt, Germany.

In 2005, TAFISA became professional with the opening of its office, also in Frankfurt, Germany. Since then, TAFISA’s professional staff has grown to include those in the Frankfurt headquarters, those working in the office of the President, and international consultants.

In 2009, TAFISA officially changed its name to ‘The Association For International Sport for All’ to more accurately describe its activities and its position as the leading international Sport for All association.



TAFISA initiative: the World Walking Day


TAFISA‘s primary focus is on:

  • Providing global and regional networking and experience sharing opportunities for its members,
  • Supporting member development by providing appropriate programs, events and consulting services,
  • Supporting and lobbying internationally for sustainable Sport for All and physical activity.


Sport reminds us the simple and fundamental values that nowadays are easy to forget in the everyday life; it is a transversal engine of society from the neighbourhood we live in to the global level, that’s why we think that through sport for all we can constantly build a better world.



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