Slalom day!

8 gates in the center of Kiev selected the first Slalom Para-Rafting World Champions this afternoon. 12 teams paddled through 8 downstream and 4 upstream gates for two manches in Dnieper river.

Precious seconds depended on penalties arising from the red upstream gates: no team missed any gate (that would add a 50 seconds penalty) but the 5 seconds penality concerning the touch of a gate changed some positions in the provisional general results.

100 points to Italy, Russia-Kazakhstan and Russia-Serbia who took the gold in the three Paralympic categories:


  • Amputee: Giandinoto Massimo, Sperandini Rosario, Montagna Marco and Novella Riccardo. 3.03.19 seconds.


  • Open: Romanenko Oleg, Konovalov Denis, Galdin Andrey (Rus) and Baranov Egeo (Kaz). 3.23.96 seconds.


  • Mix: Potanin Victor, Iarysh Denis, Romanenko Oleg and Plotnikov Dmitrii (Rus) 2.53.21 seconds, the one and only team under 3 minutes.


Tomorrow is the last race day and the teams will paddle for the last 120 points that will determinate the first Over-All Para-Rafting World Champions.

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