Brazil and Russia are officially the first winners of the World Rafting Championship 2019!

The Tunceli downriver took place this morning in the upper section of the river where 3 teams every 6 minutes started the race from the natural upper section and paddled for half an hour in the rocky bends of Munzur until the finishline under the bridge near the Tunceli centre, where the Brazilian team composed by Thiago Saldanha Serra, Thiago Diniz Barne Ganeo, Willian Ferraz, Pedro Henrique Avansi Aversa and Fabio Ramos Louren stopped the chronometer after 23:02 minutes from the start. The downriver took 23:17 minutes to the second team, the Chileans Matias de Ferrari, Lorenzo Gomez, Diego Venegas and Christian Huenchuleo and the bronze medal goes to Italy, the last year U19 World Champions: Pietro Fratton, Zeno Martini, Fabio Martini and Lorenzo Mastella.

The gold medal of Woman has been conquered by Ekaterina Kozhanova, Valentina Kozhanova, Tamara Chugunova and Vera Malahova from Russia with 23:53 minutes, more than one minute less than Italy: Francesca Leonardi, Alessandra Massimino, Dorothea Oberhofer and Marianna Tedeschi took the second place paddling for exactly 25:00 minutes, with a final gap of 15 seconds to Tabata Araya, Nicole Plagemann, Camila Ortega, Yarela Munoz and Costanza Molina from Chile, 25:15, third place.

The last group of rafts was composed by Presidents of the National Federations and Head of Delegations: Danilo Barmaz, Fikret Yardimci, Christian Huenchuleo from Chile, Massimo Desiati from Brazil, Hadi Ghaziasgar from Iran, Rasto Zboril from Slovenia, David Katsarava from Georgia, the Indian delegation, Massimiliano Manfredi from Italy, Didier Lafay and Bruno Carlier from France who paddled with Tuncay Sonel, the Tunceli Governor, introducing him to our beautiful sport and showing him Tunceli city and Munzur valley from the natural point of view of the World of Rafting.

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