"500 days ago representatives from 15 countries founded the WRF in Belgrade, rafting lovers with a dream who came together from all over the world in order to create a new movement and make this amazing sport grow. I can't believe that in less than 2 years we organized such a big event, so I have to thank Fikret Yardimci, the President of the Turkish Rafting Federation, and the Tunceli Governor for the big help that gave to the WRF board in the last months. We are working hard and the hundreds smiles of athletes, coaches, technicians, volunteers, organizers, judges and all of the local people here confirm me that it is worth it. Teşekkürler to everyone, teşekkürler Tunceli. Enjoy the World Rafting Championship".

With these words the WRF President Danilo Barmaz declared opened the World Rafting Championship Senior - Turkey 2019. During the Opening Ceremony every Nation has been officially welcomed and presented to the other 16 countries, surrounded by the excitement of the local people who saw the preparation of this event evolving in the last months in parallel with the building of the semi artificial Venue.

Tomorrow morning the Munzur river will be inaugurated by Danilo Barmaz, who invited the Governor to paddle with him, the heads of delegations and the athletes in the downriver section, including Fikret Yardimci: "A warm thank to the Governor of Tunceli City Tuncay Sonel for the help that the city of Tunceli is giving to our Sport, your support has been fundamental and this event is an important step that will guarantee the progressive developement of rafting in our country and an increasing visibility to this lovely city".


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