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 30/03/2018, ROME, ITALY - According to the Art. 32 of the WRF Statutes, a meeting of the WRF Executive Board will be held on 6th April 2018 at 8.30 p.m. in the city of Dalaman (Turkey) during the Turkish National Championship where also any different international teams are going to compete (Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Mongolia, Ukraine, Serbia, Kazakistan and Italy).

The main topics on the agenda are the approval of the Sport Rules, the Judges Handbook and the Justice Rules, but also the development of rafting in the international sport community. This meeting will be the second Executive Board in 2018.

The Blue Heart of Europe

Precious watercourses across Europe ere being destroyed forever. Today, the stunning 270km stretch of Albania’s Vjosa River remains untamed, free-flowing and untouched by man. It is home to thousands of endemic species and communities that rely on it in its current state along its banks.

The biggest threat for this River is hydropower. While the Vjosa serves as border for many protected areas (3 of which are designated as National Park, IUCN category II), the river itself is without a special protection status, resulting in growing pressure from human impact.

Actually international banks are funding the construction of 37 hydropower projects in the proceed areas.


Italians dominates rankings

18/03/2018, SLUNJ, CROATIA - The first session of this season, has left us a very clear concept of Rafting for this community; a meeting between friends.

The competition took part last Saturday and Sunday, with new innovations and rules. Cited Nikica Sminderovac: “We are very happy and we do our best to improve this event next year”

“Everyone was glad to be present at this first WRF Event. Slunj is a wonderful place with a very important river: a great spot for all the World Rafting Federation community” said Danilo Barmaz, WRF President.

After this encounter, where the Italians left their first footprint of the season, all the teams belonging to the WRF, will prepare themselves for the next event, which will take place at Rize (Turkey), next May.


World Rafting Cup opens with Croatia

15/03/2018, SLUNJ, CROATIA - Next weekend, it is going to celebrate the European Cup, which is the first competition of the season. It will take place in Croatia days 16, 17, 18, specifically in Slunj, Rastoke and Kroana River.

This event has a special importance, considering that is the first to add the new competition format, RX, and the use of one pole in the Slalom gates.

Compete category R4, Masculine, Feminine, and Mix (only in RX).

This event is open to no-WRF Teams.


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