WRF and FFCK signed a historical agreement

During the ICF Congress 2018 in Budapest Mr. Danilo Barmaz, President of the WRF, and Mr. Jean Zoungrana, President of the Fédération Francaise de Canoe Kayak signed the the Memorandum of Understanding: WRF and FFCK will cooperate through a common line towards programs and activities with the aim of enlarging the number of people practicing the paddle sport, cooperating on the Training Programme for Raft Guide & Coaches.

The parties, in fact, recognize the concept of sustainability as a key for the future of the paddle sport.

Many whitewater rivers and venues that are potential sites for international competitions are settled in France, especially the stadium of l'Argentière la Bessée, where Danilo Barmaz, monsieur le Marie Patrick Vigne, monsieur Bruno Carlier (Président du comité régional canoë kayak region Paca) and mondsieur Didier Lafay (Directeur du centre de formation canoë kayak region Paca) had the first meeting a month ago.

"We are honored to collaborate with FFCK: this MoU is an another big step for our movement" said Danilo Barmaz.

After Kiev Armenian NOC congratulates the Para-Rafting Teams

Today (14/11/2018), the President of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia, Mr. Gagik Tsarukyan, met and congratulated the Para-Rafting Armenian National Teams on their important results achieved in Kiev during the WRF Pre-Worlds (4-8 October 2018).

Mr. Gagik Tsarukyan agrees to further help the development of rafting in Armenia and he stressed that he will be always ready to support the worldwide development of this beautiful sport.

"World Rafting Federation is thankful to National Olympic Committee of Armenia for supporting Armenian Teams to participate in World Para Rafting Event. We admire your sportsmen and coaches for their courage to cover so long way Armenia - Ukraine and represent Armenia worthily" said the WRF President, Danilo Barmaz.

In the coming days the Armenian delegation will meet also Mr. Gabriel Ghazaryan, Sport Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia.


Watch the video of the meeting with Mr. Gagik Tsarukyan: https://youtu.be/hUBc6dBMVSU


Update: on 21 November the Armenian Delegation met also the Mr. Gabriel Ghazaryan, Sport Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia. 

"The meeting with the Minister Ghazaryan went great. He has confirmed his support in our work and in Armenian Rafting Federation" said Sedrak Zakaryan, President of Armenian National Federation of Rafting.

You can follow the Armenian Rafting Federation on its Social Platform at the following link.


First gold for Belarus and a successful Para-Rafting Conference in Kiev

First gold for Belarus and another successful WRF Conference in Kiev: the Para-Rafting Commission's Members, technicians, coaches and athletes defined the Para-rafting rules.

Belarus is the first country that takes a gold in a WRF Para-Rafting Event, the competition that took place in Kiev, 4th-8th October 2018: a positive feedback for the 2019 Para-Rafting Worlds.

The competition showed many different aspects that has been analyzed by the WRF Para-Rafting Commission during the conference with several Para-Rafting athletes, keen to hear about future plans of their sport. Max Manfredi, italian member of the Paralympic Comittee, was one of them.

6 years ago he had an accident but now he paddles in the front-right of the Italian team and moreover Kiev was not his first international experience.

Indeed, before the amputation of the right tibia, he was a passionate high-level athlete of table tennis; after his surgery he discovered new worlds: "It is a new life. Someone says everything happens for a reason and I am not sorry for what happened to me: it seems it had to go in this way and I am happy with what I have now."

When he woke up in the hospital he saw a new opportunity: the Paralympic Games. 6 years have passed and since then he approached 6 other sports: in addiction to table tennis (at the moment he is the number 3 in Itlay) he practises at a competitive level, ice sledge hockey, sitting volley, windsurf, rafting and badminton "I am the italian numer 2 of single badminton and the Italian champion of double badminton: I have never heard of this sport before the accident and now I love it".

4 years ago he took part to the first Italian para-rafting team and since Kiev he is officially working with WRF in order to take our sport to the Paralympic Games.

In the Paralympic Committee physical, intellectual and visual disability are officially recognised. In Kiev there were teams composed only of the first two categories, but in the next months WRF Executive Board will approve the official para-rafting ones.


Photos of the event:

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