The picturesque Kresna Gorge in Bulgaria has long been a site of ecological importance and a hub for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly the rafting community. However, a recent proposal to build a highway...

In a heartwarming display of sharing and environmental awareness, athletes from around the world came together during a recent WRF World Rafting Championships 2023 Valtellina, Italy to support the World...

Asian Rafting Championships on the go! A thrilling new adventure will bring together all the rafting lovers from across the continent to race for the title of Asian Champion celebrating the spirit of river...

The last RX on Adda river was on fire at the World Rafting Championships 2023.On friday the knock out of Mix, Women and Men went on until the finals at night, with the fireworks that lit up the 400 athletes,...

Gates on Adda river awarded the points of the second day at the World Rafting Championships in Valtellina, Italy. Red gates were paired (4 5 7 8 11 12 ) and forced the 30 nations to paddle challenging...

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